Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Fun Packed Free Weekend

I say fun packed and that is I guess a slight lie but still it was a good weekend and I did do a lot of things that I was able to do for free.

Firstly I guess we'll start with Friday mainly because for me it is the start of the weekend and we had, had a fairly decent week of work I managed to do some proof of concept work on HTML5 canvas which I will be blogging about shortly. After finishing work there was a colleagues leaving drinks that was in this bar called Thirsty Bear this bar/pub is according to their site "A Pub Revolutionised" and I was a little sceptical of this and wasn't quite sure on what to expect.

Basically they have pumps dotted around with an iPad that is linked to each and then they also have several other iPads around the tables as well. You leave your card behind the bar and get given a card with a magnetic strip that you swipe through a card reader attached to the iPad. The pumps are then unlocked for you to pour you own drinks. You can also order other drinks from the bar downstairs and food to be delivered to your table/iPad I thought this was an amazing use of technology and had to give it a go and to be fair it worked really well.

Anyway I digress on to the actual weekend Saturday I work up early and wasn't feeling to great so first things first to solve my problem I had a burger from Honest Burger.

Now I am now burger blogger (see these guys for that Hamburger-me / Burgerac) and I have been to Honest's burger joint in Brixton before and that was amazing but this was something else and it managed to sort me out completely.

My Saturday evening was then spent on London's South Bank watching the Burnout Punks a sort of Fire Circus thing preform outside the national theatre as part of the Thames Festival. These guys were amazing see the video below. They had everything from banter through to explosions. 

Sunday was going to be a restful day but I ended up doing a load of house work before working on a simple HTML5 canvas example getting a image to move across a background on the left and right arrow keyboard events and to jump when space is entered (again a post about this to follow) before heading back up to Waterloo Bridge to catch the end of the Thames Festival firework display. 

As the title states it was a busy weekend with a lot going on and I recommend Honest Burger to any burger fans out there and also to check what free stuff is going on in London as there is some stuff that is worth a watch.

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