Monday, 28 January 2013

Burgers, Burgers Everywhere

Now I have been living in London for 2 and half years and one of my favourite food items that I can get here is burgers. I follow 3 burger blogs already and I am not about to start creating my own blog all about burgers but I did think I would post my top 5ish of places that I have tried so far and a little bit about each.

Firstly if you want full in depth reviews of multiple burger places in both London and the world check these guys out:
Burger Addict

Now on to my top five (ish)

1) Number 1 for me has to be currently Patty & Bun's Ari Gold Burger.

I first tried this burger when they were doing a residency at Endurance in Soho thanks to a review from Hamburger-me and it was delicious however it didn't claim the number 1 spot until they opened up their own place on James Street. This burger is fantastic I have also tried some of there other burgers but I want to go back and have it again and get chance to have a peanut butter choc ice as I have heard big things.

2) Number 2 was number 1 until it was knocked off and that is Honest Burger.

I have been to both the one in Brixton and the newer one in Soho and both times I haven't been disappointed . I recommend to all going there that you try the Honest Burger which comes with there fries, which are Skin on lightly salted with rosemary and they are delicious.

3) Number 3 is really so close to both the number 2 slot. Is Mother Flipper

I tried this on the first one of my Burger days that me and my friends organised Burger day 2.0 coming up soon. I made the journey out to Brockley market which at the time wasn't to much of a journey and I tried there Double Bacon Burger and it was delicious the quality of it was amazing, it was a great opener to the burger day and would like to get back here and have it again. I have also heard big things about their Chili Flipper (but I am not a fan of hot food).

4) I'm not sure if this deserves the number 4 slot to be quite honest all these burgers mentioned are so close in flavour and quality that it is hard to pick a real winner, so number 4 is MEATLiquor and/or one of its sister places MEATMarket and MEATMission with similar menu items.

I have tried a couple burgers here but if it is your first time going here I recommend the Dead Hippie its a messy burger but it is delicious. now MEATLiquor is still attracting massive queues so MEATMarket is quite a handy alternative to head too and you'll get served in no time. If you are going to MEATLiquor I also recommend their deep fried pickles and if going to MEATMarket try their iced shakes. I would guess MEATMission to be on a par but maybe there are some hidden gems here.

5) Finally number 5 is Dirty Burger.

I feel this is a little bit of a hidden mainly because it is a little further away from the centre but still with in easy reach, and it was a delightful to have one day after work, and I am needing to head back there. Once off the tube I struggled to find it at first but once found I was not let down. I had the dirty burger with the onion fries. It was delicious. I have also heard that their breakfasts are good but getting up in time to try this is a problem.

So there you have it that is my top 5 I still have a lot of places to try, to name but a few (Lucky Chip, Burger & Shake, Burger Bear) so this listing could change. Also I say top 5 but they are so close on quality and the occasional different thing for each place make it a unique experience that there is no true number 1 so you have to do what I have done and try them all.